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September 23 2021

FILTEC Vision Blog - September - Message from the CEO

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Dear readers,

In this inaugural “FILTEC Vision” newsletter, I wanted to share a few words about FILTEC’s mission and our company goals.

To start, we call our newsletter “FILTEC Vision” for three reasons:

  1. Because FILTEC has a clear vision for how we are innovating the quality assurance industry
  2. We are investing significantly into machine vision solutions to improve container inspection
  3. Our customers are visionaries when it comes to ensuring the safety of their products

As we head to Pack Expo next week, FILTEC will demonstrate our vision technology – including solutions for label inspection, fill level, and empty can inspection. If you plan to be at the conference, we'd love to have you swing by booth #2006 and meet our team.

In the coming months, we will share success stories from our customers who are using FILTEC technologies to keep their production lines running at peak efficiency while pinpointing and removing faulty products before they negatively impact their line or customers.

We look forward to sharing our vision with you and, together, ensuring the safety of your products and health of your customers – as we have for the last 63 years.



James Kearbey




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