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February 23 2022

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Automation in 2022

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A new year is here, yet businesses are continuing to look for ways to optimize their operations in a world where the pandemic still impacts economies and workforces. This has never been truer than in the global food and beverage industries.

If you are looking to improve efficiency and reduce waste on your canning operation in 2022, automation is the way to go! Here are five ways to add and expand automation on your can line:

 1. Empty Can Inspection

The FILTEC Vision Empty Can Inspection Solution is an automated machine vision system for canning lines. Our solution utilizes advanced vision technology to detect defects and contaminants in empty cans, so that only flawless cans reach the filler and seamer, thus reducing downstream waste. The system’s reliable high-resolution industrial cameras, long-life LED strobes, and unique image inspection algorithms perform pinpoint can inspection for lines operating up to 2,400 cans per minute (CPM).

 2. Filler Management

FILTEC’s Vision Filler Management System is an automated machine vision system for glass and clear plastic bottles on lines operating up to 1,200 bottles per minute (BPM). The inspection is performed at the discharge of the filler and closer system for accurate filler management. The system continuously monitors and analyzes each filler valve to provide a complete statistical data analysis of the entire filler. Our system will alert you in real-time if a valve is malfunctioning, so you can pinpoint and fix the under-or over-fill culprit.

 3. Pressure Inspection 

FILTEC offers smart and dependable pressure inspection systems using both Vision and Sensor technologies, providing unmatched accuracy in the industry. The true advantage of FILTEC’s pressure inspection technology lies in the tolerance of the container positioning. By providing consistent inspection under any production line condition, results are accurate with no false rejects. When coupled with our closure inspection solution, we can ensure package seal integrity at high speeds without the need for manual inspection. This is the best way to avoid leaking or over-filled products from disrupting your downstream lines, causing jams, and ruining entire pallets in the warehouse!

 4. Case Inspection

Case Packers are not capable of detecting broken, misplaced, or proper container placement inside of sealed cases. FILTEC’s Full Pack Inspection Solutions are designed to inspect the internal contents of cases, crates, trays, and shrink packs with glass, PET, or can containers.  Our photon technology removes the guesswork and inspects each pack to prevent packs with missing or partially filled containers from being shipped to the consumers at the point of sale.

 5. Thermal Glue Inspection

Transporting packages with incorrect amounts of hot melt adhesive can result in load shifts, insecure loading, impact, rips, and even punctures to the product itself, causing entire loads to either be delayed or rejected and costing thousands of dollars in claims. Thermal and Vision technology pinpoints and alerts you to missing, excess, and insufficient hot melt adhesive on packages. The automated inspection camera can be changed over for new cartons at the push of a button.

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