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March 8 2022

Global Beverage Co-Packer Upgrades Line with INTELLECT

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The Challenge /Customer Problem

The customer had an existing “SUPER FILTEC” pre-seamer FMS system that was being used for Fill Management only. In a routine sales call to offer an INTELLECT upgrade, they identified that they did not have sampling or reject systems on this system as they were only using the FMS analysis to determine to fill status. Because of their previous experience not being able to synchronize the reject timing with a competitor, they were under the belief that Filtec would have the same issues.

The Solution
We offered them immediate ROI by reducing overall cost by offering to re-purpose the 100 mCi source and replace the existing 300mCi source while including the return of the old source as part of the sale.
We added INTELLECT, Sampling, and seamer jam detection along with a Proline Rejector. The seamer jam detection was an enhancement they had not previously used, and the sampling and rejection were to replace the need for using a competitor’s equipment downstream of the warmers. This eliminated downstream jams caused by partially filled/empty cans and reduced costly waste.

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