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May 25 2022

FILTEC Inspection for Refillable Bottles Adds Safety and Peace of Mind to Major Beverage Producer

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About the Customer 

Since 1989, Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI) has been a distributor of bottled beverages throughout the Philippines with its headquarters based in Muntinlupa and Metro Manila, Philippines as well as many other plant locations throughout the island. One of the many PCPPI locations is based out of Naga City, Philippines about 200 km south of their Metro Manila headquarters. At this plant, they specialize in inspecting returnable glass bottles.

When PCPPI saw an opportunity to make the switch from manual inspection to automated inspection of their refillable bottles, they selected FILTEC inspection solutions based on the following criteria: 

  • A more accurate inspection process
  • More reliable inspection machines
  • The ability to work with qualified inspection service technicians 

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Greater Capability 

As an inspector of returnable glass bottles running at a production at a speed of up to 550 bottles per minute (bpm), accuracy and safety are at the top of the list for PCPPI. Previously they had been manually inspecting each bottle to keep up with this high level of quality assurance; but as their quantities increased their need for an automated inspection system grew as well. When it was time to select an inspection solution that would offer them greater automated inspection capabilities, they selected FILTEC’s Empty Bottle Inspection (EBI) Solution, also known as Omnivision.

 The FILTEC EBI allows them to experience the ease of an automated and precise inspection, knowing that every bottle will be checked for defects and contaminates, such as mold or trash inside the bottle, in which case the bottle will be rejected off the line.

 “Before FILTEC, we inspected the bottles manually which took a lot of time and slowed the overall inspection process down. Now that we have moved to a more automated system, not only have we improved the inspection quality, but we have also been able to speed up the process by 50%,” explains Kevin Briton, Maintenance Manager at PCPPI.

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Omnivision EBI is FILTEC’s all-surface, pre-wash Empty Glass Bottle and refPET Inspection System that detects foreign objects and flaws in the base, sidewall, finish, and threads of empty transparent containers. FILTEC’s EBI ensures that glass and refillable PET bottles are clean, free of damages and contaminants before they reach customers at the point-of-sale. With speeds of over 1,400 containers per minute, EBI has the fastest image processing technology in the market.

 Efficient and Reliable Technicians

The FILTEC service team has been able to provide PCPPI with quality customer service at a rapid rate. This allows PCPPI to do what they do best: Provide safe, high-quality bottled sodas to consumers around the Philippines.

 “In the past year there have been no major mechanical issues with the machine. Other than regularly scheduled maintenance, the machine has been performing as expected,” says Kevin.

 By partnering with FILTEC, the future of PCPPI remains efficient and their customers remain happy, satisfied, and most importantly, safe. 

 Learn more about all of PCPPI’s services and plants at:

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